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SPRINGFIELD – Recently passed laws to help support veterans across Illinois went into effect Jan. 1.

“Prioritizing our veterans who have given so much for our country is always a top priority,” State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park), a veteran and chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, said. “I’m proud of the bipartisan work conducted during the spring and fall sessions to bring us these new laws to help our military members and veterans thrive in Illinois.”

Legislation that took effect in the new year includes:

  • HB 3865: To defend veterans from malicious and deceptive service providers, veteran and military service benefits must be advertised clearly by service providers.
  • HB 3716: Starting this year, veterans will be given preference for employment with the Illinois Department of Transportation for snow removal services in the winter.
  • HB 2776: To help members of the military stationed in Illinois, the time frame for an expedited review for professional licenses is now shortened to 30 days from 60 days for service members and their spouses.

“The past year has demonstrated just how easy it can be for those with malicious intent to take advantage of Illinois residents,” State Senator Mike Hastings (D-Frankfort) said on HB 3865. “It is our obligation to protect our veterans from these nasty scams.”

“Service members and spouses who come to Illinois, but are licensed in another state, should not have to face lengthy delays when trying to continue in their profession,” State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Swansea) said on HB 2776. “This legislation is crucial for the men and women who serve our country.”

To view a full list of new laws that went into effect Jan. 1, visit the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus website.


FirefighterCHICAGO – Following an administrative decision by the Illinois Labor Relations Board, State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) passed the law signed Friday to help some firefighters secure additional collective bargaining rights.

“Firefighter units are not one-size-fits-all from municipality to municipality,” said Cullerton. “It’s important that each unit has the capability to allow for all who are eligible to have the option to embrace their right to collectively bargain, and that’s just what this new law will do.”

House Bill 220, which was signed by Gov. JB Pritzker Friday, establishes a definition for a company officer in regard to firefighters. Previously, this term, which is not used by all fire departments, was not defined, leading to confusion when it came to which rank of firefighters was eligible for certain labor relation rights.

Under the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, any ranks considered supervisory positions are excluded from collective bargaining rights. The new law allows departments with the rank of company officer to allow those in that rank to be included in collective bargaining rights, as they do not fall into the category of supervisor under the IPLRA.

The AFFI thanks Senator Tom Cullerton and Rep. Larry Walsh for once again leading the way on an issue important to labor, said Chuck Sullivan, president of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois. “Specifically, HB 220 will provide a better opportunity for certain workers in the fire service to be recognized and have the ability to collectively bargain a contract. Their efforts and Governor Pritzker’s signature are truly appreciated.”

 The new law was signed on Friday and will go into effect June 1, 2022.

102821HAO00271SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Tom Cullerton (D- Villa Park) joined his colleagues in supporting a piece of legislation to put Illinois in the forefront of green transportation during last week’s fall session. The Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illinois Act will preserve and create jobs in Illinois and incentive manufactures to move to the state.

“When the General Assembly passed the Clean and Equitable Jobs Act this past spring, we laid the groundwork for putting Illinois on the map as a hub for green innovation,” Cullerton said. “Bringing electric vehicle manufacturers here will further push our state toward progress.”

Before passing this legislation, Illinois was already home to two major electric vehicle manufacturers: Rivian, which is located in Normal and produces electric SUVs and trucks, and Lion Electric Company, a Canadian-based company that produces medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles that opened a new facility in Joliet this year.

Read more: Cullerton supports landmark measure to bring electric vehicle jobs to Illinois

hinduheritage 102021SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Tom Cullerton (D- Villa Park) co-sponsored a measure to declare October 2021 as Hindu Heritage Month in Illinois. The resolution was adopted by the Senate Wednesday.

“Illinois has a thriving Hindu population, and it is great that we are recognizing the important contributions they bring to our society,” Cullerton said. “Illinois’ diversity is definitely something to be celebrated, and this month we are doing just that.”

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, with over 6 million followers across the nation including over 250,000 in Illinois. October includes Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, making it a significant month to people who practice Hinduism.

The Hindu community has 38 temples in Illinois. The temples serve as a place of fellowship and cultural events.

“I hope everyone takes some time this month to consider on the contributions of Hindu people in our state and beyond,” Cullerton said.

Illinois joined nine other states to declare October 2021 as Hindu Heritage Month when the Senate adopted Senate Resolution 545 this week.

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